Venus de Milo

(Art & Architecture History)

Classic Army Recruiting Poster

(American Graphics)

Classic Comic Books

(Art Misc.)

Greek Theatre, University, Berkeley, California

(Northern Calif (Misc.))

Greek Theater, Berkeley, California

(Northern Calif (Misc.))

Classic Caryatid and Lion Statue

(Borders & Motifs)


(Decorative Arts)

National Gallery of Art, Mall

(Washington D. C.)

Model Hook and Ladder Fire Engine

(Fire Department)

Happy Birthday, Cretan Dancer

(Happy Birthday)

Nude Smoking Hookah

(Happy Birthday)

Indianapolis 500


Scene from Gulliver's Travels

(Literature & Letters)

Central High School, Lansing


1914 Daimler, Greenfield Village, Dearborn


Classic Boudoir

(Photography & Film Related)

Vintage Hupmobile in City


Cornucopia of Transport, Have a Classic Vacation

(Travel & Bon Voyage)

Discus Thrower Statue with Heart

(Valentine’s Day)