2022 Desk Calendars

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Fuji Mt. Hood Mt. Rainier mums mundane muscles music musical instruments musicians Naples National Capital National Cathedral National Parks nature naughty nearly nude nesting nests New England New York New York City Northern California Northwest Notre Dame ocean odd oil wells Oklahoma Old Glory open sea oranges Oregon organs outdoors outer space outside owls Pacific Ocean paints pallets Palm Springs palm trees Paris Parliament parrots passenger trains pastries patriotic patriotism performers performing photographs Piccadilly Circus piglets pigments pigs pin-ups pitcher plant life planting plants playing poinsettias poppies porcine Portland posed postcards posters prints produce Public Library Public Market Puget Sound puppies race cars race tracks racy radio rail travel railroad random raptors readers reading redwood trees redwoods relaxing religion reproductions retro Rice Institute river road trip roadside Rockefeller Center rocket Rocky Mountains rodeo Rome Rose Festival roses roughing it round-up Route 66 sail boats sailing sailors sails Salerno San Diego San Francisco Santa Barbara Santa Cruz Santa Monica sayings science fiction sculptures sea sea life seaplanes seaside Seattle See America seed packets seeds Sequoia sexy Ship Channel shooting sightseeing signs singers skeleton skier skiers skiing skis skull skyline skyscrapers smiling Smith Tower Snoqualmie Falls snow Sooner State Sorrento Southern California space aliens space craft Space Needle space travel sports sports cars sprites square St. Andrews St. Paul's Cathedral Statue of Liberty stream streamlined sunbathing sunset surfboards surfers surfing sweets swine symmetry tame temple temptress Texas The Alamo The Big Apple the Buddha The Mall the moon The West Times Square toads Torrey Pine touring Tower Bridge Tower of London trailers train travel trains transportation travel travel posters travel trailers trees Trinity Church tropical trout UFOs UK un-cool un-hip United States Flag United States of America unusual USA vacation valleys vegetables vehicles Venice vintage vistas volcano wacky walking Wall Street Washington Washington DC water water sports Water Tower wave riding waves wedding cake weird West Coast Westminster Abbey White House wild wild animals wildlife Windy City wine wings winter winter sports wisdom women woodcuts world travel Yellowstone National Park Yosemite Zen