San Diego

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Panama Panama Exposition sepia photograph 1935 fountain vertical portrait Panama-California panorama parade parasol Parent park parking passenger pasties pastoral path patio patriotic Pavilion Peace pearl peninsula pennant pennants Pennsylvania people pepper pergola peristyle photo photograph photographs photography picket picnic pier piers pigeons Pines pink Place plane plant plantigrade plaque plateresco play playground Plaza plunge poem poinsettias Point polar pole pond pony pool porch portal porthole portholes portrait post poster posts Prado pre-development prep primate Prince private promenade promotion Prospect Pueblo pyramid Quadrangle Qualcomm racetrack racing railroad railway Raja RAlph ramada Ramona Ramona's Ramos Ranch Rapp ratites reading recital recreation recruit redwood reflecting reflection regatta RELEASE:0001 rendering reservoir residence residential resort restaurant retirement revival Rey rich rickshaw rigging ring risque River road roadside rocks rococo roller roof Room Rosecrans round rowboat rowboats rug rugged rugs ruins running runway rural rustic Sacramento sailboat sailboats sailing sailors saluting San San Diego sand sandcastle Santa scene scenes school schooner Science Scripps sculpture Sea seagull seagulls searchlights seashell seashells seashells beach scene early vintage conch clams snails landscape horizontal illustration seawall seaweed section See semi-rural senorita sepia sepia photograph landscape horizontal early vintage beach sepia photograph landscape horizontal wagon buggy early vintage sepia photograph Point Loma early vintage landscape horizontal stairs cove series Serpentine Serra service Seventh Shakespeare shell shells ship ships shopping shore shores shrubs siding signatures Silver simian simple site Sky skyline sleek slide sliding sloops smiling snail snails snatcher Society soda sombrero South southern Spanish spectators spillway spinnakers sports spot Spreckels sprinkler square stairs Star State station statue 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