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Carpathius carriages cars cartoon carved cast castanets Castel castle CAT:MS catalogue cathedral cattails cave caveman cellist cello cellos champagne chandelier chandeliers Charpentier Chicago Chickering children children's Chinese choir chorus Christmas Cinderella Cio-Cio Cio-Cio-San city classical clef clerical clip clock clouds club coat collar color color photograph columns Company composer composers concert conductor console consoles contest costume costumes counters couple courtier craftsman cravat croaking crossbow crowd crystals curtains Cycle D'Annunzio da daggers damnation damsel dance dancers dashiki de Death deco decorative Del der design devil Die dinner diplomat dirndl Doborjan dog Dolores don dove dragon drama drawing dreamy dress dressed drinking drum drummergirl drums duel Dulcinea dungeon Dupont Dutchman eagle early earrings Easter effects Egypt Egyptian elf empire engraving equestrian eruption Escamillo Esten Estey etching Etna exotic exterior eyes facade Fafner fairy fan fanciful farm fashion Fasolt faun feathers Feinhals fiddle fiddler fiddles field fifties fire fire-breathing fish flames floor flower arrangement flowers flute Flying Focke foreign Forelle forest forge formal Forti foyer frame Franz French fringe Fritz frock fur furies furniture garb Garehime Garnier garret gaucho geburtshaus geisha geishas gentlemen German Germany giants Gibson girl girls Giuseppe glasses gloaming glockenspiel gnome god Godfrey Gods Goethe gold gondola Gotterdammerung Gounod gown gowns Grail grand graphics great Grecian Greece green guitar guitarist Gus Haendel hairdo hall Halle halo Hamburg hammer hand-tinted hand-tinted photograph Hans harp harpist harps harried hat hats hawks headdress heart heldentenor helmet hero hi-fi high Hippodrome Hohenstein Holy honor horizontal horn horned horns horse horseman horses house hula Hungary hunting Ilich illustration images in Indian infants inkwell instruction instrument instruments intense interior Italian Italy 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