Performing Arts

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branch brass brazier Bridgewater British Broadway brother bucks bullfighter bunny Busby Bushman Butterflies butterfly cabaret cabinet cakewalk calisthenics calypso camels can can-can cane cap cape Capitol card Carmen carriers cartoon casino castanets castle CAT:AP cats Cecile cello ceramics ceremonial Chachoin chair chamber champagne Champs chanteuse character characters chariot Charles Chasseur cheerleader cheesecake Cheret Chez Chicago chickens chief child children chin choice choreographer chorine chorus Christmas cinema circus clarinet classical Cleopatra clip clock Clotilde clown clowns coast coffee collar collegians coloration colorful combo Comedie comedienne Comedies comedy comic concert concertina conductor conductors conjuring contrabass Corda cordobes cornet corto costume costumes County couple cover cowboy cowboys cowgirl crescent Cretan crowd crown cubist cummerbund curtain curtains Cuyahoga cymbals d'Arc D'Egout dagger Dance Danceland dancer dancers dancing dander Dare daughter Daughters of Babylon Davidson day daybed DC de dead debunking decals deco decorative demons demonstration Denny des desert designs desk desperados devil devils dhows Diaz Die direct disability disques divan Dixieland dobro dog dogs door double Dove drama dramatic drum drums Dubarry Duc Duclerc duet dumbbells dumbell dummy duo dwarf early earrings earth Edwardian Eenie Egypt Egyptian elephant Elysee Elysees En Enamelette ensemble entertainers ephemera epic Epoque escape escritoire Espectaculos Estrella Evelyn every exercise exotic explanation facade fake fakir false Famtomes fan farce farm fashion father feather feathered feathers federal Fedora female fence Fenn Fete fiddle fiddlers film films five-string flag flags flamenco Flames flapper fling Flora flute Folgeria Follies Fontainebleau footlights fop foreign formal fortuneteller fountain Foursome fox France fraud French Friganza frilly Frohman from fruit Fuller furrier furrows Garden Garfield garters Geddes geisha gendarme Geometric German Gershwin Gesmar giants Gigolo girl girls glamour Glenwillard glockenspiel gloves god Gonzales gossiping Goulue gown Grandes graphic graphics Gray Greek Grille group guitar guitars gypsies gypsy H. hair hairdo hall hand Hand-tinted handcuffs hands Harald Hardeen harem harlequin harp Harrod's Harry hat hats Hawaiian head headdress headdresses hedge heels Herman Heymann high Hillbillies Hindu hipsters hockey Holiday hoop horizontal horn horns horse horses howdah human humorist Hutchinson hype illusions illustration illustrations impersonator impressionism inauguration India Indian Indonesia Indonesian informal instrument instruments interior Irene Irving is Italian Italy Japan Jazz Jean jewelry jodhpurs John Johnson Jones Jubilee jug Jules Juliet Juneau Kali Kamerny Kansas Kay Kaye Keyser kid kids kimono kisses kneeling Kokoon Kris Kuhn La lamp lances landscape large LaRoche Las latin laughing Laura le leader legs Leibig leotard leprechaun Lewiston Liebig Ligarette lighting lights like limber Lionne log Lohr Loie long longhorns Lord Louis lounge loving luces luggage lutes Lyceum Lyric Mack Madame Magazine magic magician Mahoney mahoot maiden Maine makeup mambo man manacles manager mandolin mantilla Maracas marching Maria mariachi Marie marimba Marion Mart Marvelle Mary mascot masked masks master matador matron Max Maxims Mayan Meenie melody member men Merrie Mexican microphone military mind Minie minstrel Minter mirror mirrors Mo modern moghul monkey Monterey Montreux Moscow mother motifs Moulin mountains movie movies Mucha mudras multi-colored Murrayesque muse Museum Music musical musician musicians mustache Mycenaean mysteries Mystifier Naples Narcisses Nataraja national Native necklace necromancer Nesbit new york Nice notes nouveau Novarro novelty Novikoff nude number oboe October odalisque of Oklahoma old Olympia one one-man one-sheet opera operetta orchestra Oresteia outfit outfits painter painting Palace palm pan Papillon parade Paris park parrot patricians Paul peacock pearls Pedro Pelz pensive percussion performer Performing Performing Arts period persiflage peter Petit Philadelphia Phillip photo photograph photographs Phyllis piano picket pine pink Pirate plaid Plante plate play playbill player plow plumes plus-fours pointe pointy polar pompadour portrait pose post Poster posthumous practice presentation prima production profile project projection promotion proposal props publicity puppets pyramids Qualitaat quartet race raconteur radio Ray reader recital record red reed reeds Reel regalia Reginald Reinhardt RELEASE:0001 relief rescue revealed revue rhumba ringlets risque rockettes rodeo roi role Roman romance Romeo Roses Rouge Rubin Rudolph ruffles rugged rumba Russian rustic Ruuth sailor Salome salsa saltimbanques Salvation Sam sandals Sarah sax saxophone saxophones scarf scene scenery scepter school Scottish screen sculpture section Segogne self-liberator Selwyn semi-nude Sennett sepia set Shakespeare Sharpless shawl sheet sheik shield ship shirts Shiva shocking shoes shot show showgirl showman silent silhouette silly Sinatra singer singers singing Sisyphus skeleton skinny skirt skull slicked slight Slim's slippers small smiling smoldering snare snood socks sofa sombrero sombreros song Sons soprano sousaphone sousaphones Spain Spanish spats speak spear spectacles splits Spokane sporran St. staff stage staircase stamp stand star starlets stars statue Ste. step steps Stern stick still stippled stool storefront strange straw streamers street streetwalker stringed strings stripper strongman studio stunt stylized suit Sundown supple surf suspense svelte swags Swedish sword swords table tails talkie talking tambourine tap tartan temples tenor tepees text Thai Thailand The theater Theatre theatrical Theodora throne tiara tilled tin tinted toast toe toga Toledo top topless toreador town toys trade tragedy trained traje trees tricks Trixie trombone trombones tropics trot trumpet tuba tubas tumbler tumbling turban tutu tutus tuxdo tuxedo twins ukulele umbrella unbridled Uncle uniform uniforms unitard uraeus Valentino Valkyrie vamp variety vaudeville Vegas veil Velasco vendor vertical Victorian Vienna vintage Violin violins Virgil Vive wacky Wagner Washington washtub West Western whip white wife wigwams Williams Wimperis wind Winter witches wizard woman Woody worry WPA xylophone y Yorrick young your Ziegfeld Ziegfield Zurick