Trade Cards

1776 1882 1885 1889 a abalone abricot Acropolis ad ads advertisement Aesop's African agitated ahead all alphabet always ami ammoniated amphibian and angel angels animal announcement annuals anthropomorphic anthropomorphized anti-lameness apiculture apples approaching aprons Arabic writing Arctic Arctics argument aria art artist Arum ASTCo astonishment autumn Ayer's Ayers Babbitt's babies baby baignade ball ballerina band banner barber barefoot bark barnyard baseball basket bat Bazaar be beak bear beat belle belly bench bended beret berries best Bible big billboard birch bird birds bizarre black cat blood blue boar board boat bolts bone bones bonnet book books boots border Boss botanical bottle bouquet bow bowler box boxes boy boys branches brave brick wall bridge British brook broom Brothers brule brush bucolic buggy bugs bulldog bunnies bush bust bustle butterfly ca cage cake camera can canary cancellations candelabra candle candy canvas cap card carpenter carpentry carpet carriage cartoon Cases cat CAT:TC catching cathartic cats cattails cattle caught centrifuge Ceylon chaos cherries cherub Chester chick child children Christmas cigar circus clam Clark's Cleveland climbing cloth clothed clothes clothesline clothier clothing clown coach Coal Coats coconut cod liver oil coffee coins collar colonies coming company Comstock conductor Connecticut copra coral corn costume costumes cotton countryside couple coups courtier courtiers cowering crab cracker cradle crane creatures crescent crest crew croquet cross-dressing crown crowns crows crying Crystal CT cuffs curtain curtains Cyclone d'une daisies damsel dancing dandy daughter daughters David de deacon dead Dealer deerstalker derby devil diabolical diagram Dickensian diddle dining dirt disappeared dish dispute dissolved distress Dixons dog dogfight doll dollhouse donkey Dorn dove doves downhill Dr. dramatic drapers dress-up dressed drink drive dropped drummer drums dry du duck eagle early ears easel Easter eggshell egret Egyptian elephant embroidery empty en engine envelope equipment Estey et evil-looking Excelsior explorer fable fabric fabulous fairy fait fan Fandango fans fantasy farm farmer fashion fashions feather fellow fen ferns fertilizer fez fiddle field fireplace fish fishing flamingo floating floes Florida florist flower flowers Fond food force forest Forney fountain fowl French frog frolicking fruit frustrated furniture furrier furs gaiters game garden Gardiner genie giant Gilbert girl girls glaring gloves gnomes gold goldfish goods goose gory got grapes grasshopper Grecian Greenaway Greenaway-like guard gun gypsies haberdasher habit haddock hair ham hammer hand hanging hard harem harmonique harness Hartford Harvard hat hatchling hats Hatter havoc headdress heating help hen heron hey hieroglyphics highway him historical Home honeycomb horizontal horse horseback house howdah humor Hussard ice illustration importers imprevue in India infant infants insect insects instruments Irish is island Italian Japanese jester jeweler jinn job jockey joker juggling jumping jungle kalong Kate Kennett kids killer kimonos king kitten kittens knee kneeling knife la label Lac lake landscape laundry laurel Lavine Le leader leaves Lehigh leisure Les letter letters libretto Liebig life Lilliputian lily literary literature lithographers little livery livestock lobster lock locust long-horn lorikeet lounging Loustics love macaque macaw machine magazine mahout maid Maine makeup making man Manikato map marabou Maria marlin marsh mask Massachusetts matches McLaughlin's mean mediation medicine Meissner Melonville merchant Merry mice Minnesota mirror monkey moon morose Morse mountains mouse muff mummer mushroom music musical mustard naked Nanny nasturtium native nest net New new york newspaper night nightcap nose not notions now nude nursemaid nursery oars obeisance obelisk obis odalisque of off-key offerings oil Old ondee operetta outdoors outfit outfits packaging packet pad painting palette palm panorama panting parasol parrot partez pastels Pat patent patriotic peace pears pensive people perch perched percussion petit peu Pharaoh's Philadelphia phosphate Phrygian piano picking picnic picture pier pillows pills pink planets playing plums pockets poem poings pointillist poling polish pond portrait posture pot powder prey princess printer printers prize Progress promenade proper proposal proposing Pruneux pug punt puppies putti queen quilt rabbit rabbits rackets railroad range rat reading recoil Recompense red red-toned reeds reins RELEASE:0001 renewer Rhode rhyme ribbons rifle rigged ringlets river robbery rocks rod roller Roman romance rooster rope rose roses roundup rowboat rubbers rye sailboat sailboats sailor saloon same sandals Sangsue Santa sarsaparilla saws scale scarf scarves scene Scotch sculpture seagulls seashore seed seedsman sepia servants sewing shade Sharpless She's shell shield ship shipwreck shoe shoes shop shore shot shuttlecock Sicilian sickle singers sisters skating skep slapstick sled sleeping slope slow Smith smoker snarling snow snowsuit soap soapine soldiers son sour spaniel spat spear spectators splendid spool spools spoon spork sport sports spyglass square squirrels St. stall stamp stampede standard star starfish statue stealing steep steeplechase stereotype sticky still stippled stippling stitches store stork storm stove Strand strange straw strawberries stream strong student studio sty style subdued suit suitor suits Sullivan sunflowers sunset super surprise surtin swallows Swift swirling tabby table tail tale tales tall tambourine tatami tea teeth telescope Tenniel tern Testament testing text the them Thomas thoroughbred thread throne through to toboggan toga togas tonic tools top Tours tow trade Trade Cards trading train treasures tree trepidation triangle tricks triptych tropical tropics tuba tubs turban turkey tutu tweed two umbrella undersea underwater unhappy uniforms Union up urn Valentine's Valentines vertical vexed viands vicious Victorian vintage violets wading walking wall washing washtub watch Water waterfalls watering waterproof Watling we weeping weight wheat wheels whipping White wife wild wildlife wine wings winking winter wizard woman Wonderland wooden woods Woonsocket worldwide worried worth wreath Year's yet York Zouave