1910s 1950s Acme air aloft alphabet and angel announcement art arts Asian babushka Baby background band basket bathing beach bebes bee bells best bird birds birth black and white blackboard blocks blond blonde blossoms blue booties born bouquet bowl box buggy bush butterfly cabbage can candlestick carnations carriage carriages cars cartoon CAT:BY caterpillars cattails ceremony cherub child children children's chimney classe clouds clover coast coat color congratulations cottage cradle crafts crib crying cup cupids cutie Dad deco decolletage decorative department des designs desk desks diaper display door dormer drawing dress dress-up early early vintage landscape horizontal illustration marsh early vintage vertical portrait shamrocks arts and crafts eggshell embossed ephemera European evening express eyes fantasy feather fence flowers foliage folklore foreign French frock furniture fusil garage glad glasses gold graphics Greenaway greetings hand-tinted happy hat hats heartiest horizontal horn horseless hospital hot house illustration infant infants ink inkwell insects instruments ivy Japanese Kate la lace lady Lancaster landscape leaves letter lily machine marsh monstrous moon mother musical nanny neighborhood nest new nez notice nurse nursemaid nursery office open pads palm panel pannier papooses parasols parents party patch patriotic peach pen perambulator photograph pig pin pince plants plate playpen plucking plume portrait potted pour pram preferred proud psychedelic quill rattle reeds RELEASE:0001 repopulation riding rose row safety sailboat Sam scarf school screaming scythe sepia shed shoes Shoppe shore sickle skinny sori spectacles spoon stainless stamp steel steeple storefront stork straw stroller stuff stylized suburbia swaddling swamp symmetrical tendrils tiny top tot town toy toys tree Uncle van vegetables vertical Victorian vintage violets wailing watering waves weight wheelbarrow window windows winter wishes wooden workbench