Bad Furniture

1950s 1960s American and armchair armchairs arms asparagus assortment attic Bad Bad Furniture balcony balls bamboo bed bedroom beds bent biege blue bolsters brass bright brown cabinet candelabra candle carpet CAT:BF ceiling center chair chairs chaise chandelier coat coffee color colors conch console conversation convertible corner couch couches couple crib curtains curved davenport decor den design desk dinette dining dramatic dresser early eclectic encyclopedias end ensemble entertainment etagere extravagant family fern fifties fireplace floor floral fold-out Food foot footstool formica French fur Furniture garish glass gold half-timbered hanging hangings heavy hide-a-bed hide-away high holders home-made horizontal interior jigsaw key kid's king-size knotty l'oeil ladder lamp lamps landscape landscape horizontal landscape horizontal color photograph patterned bedspreads TV motel interior lavender leather leg leopard lively living lobby loft longue louvered louvers love magazine maracas massive matching meat mid-century mirror modern moderne motel mustard naguahyde napkin naugahyde occasional of office opulent orange ottomans outdoor oversized overstuffed painted paneling patio pattern patterned pen pendulum photograph pie piece pillows pine plant plate platter plush portable portrait potatoes princess print prints protea provincial putti rack radio rag random recliner red RELEASE:0001 RELEASE:0002 rest rhino rifle rivets rock rocker rocking roll rolling room rooster roses round rug rustic sail salad sateen sculpture sculptured seashells seat sectionals set settee shelf shiny shop side skin sloped sofa sofas square statuary statue stool stools stove striped suite sunroom swivel table tchotchkes tea teapot telephone television tester theme throw trompe tuck tusks TV twin uncomfortable upholstered upholstery vamp velour vertical wall wallpaper wheeled window windows winged wood yellow