New York City

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brick bridge bridges Broad Broadway Bronx Brooklyn brownstones Brun Bryant buggy building buildings bunting Burnham burros bus business businesses bustling busts cab cafe cafeteria campus cancellation canoe canopied cantilever capitol car Carmen carnival Carpenter Carrere carriage carriages cars cartoon carts Cass castle CAT:NY Cathedral Catholic cavernous cella Center Central cephalopod ceremonial chairs Chambellan Chambellon chambers chandelier chandeliers Chapel Chartreuse cheesecake chemistry chestnut children Chinatown choir Christmas Chrysler church churchyard circular circulating circus City cityscape civic clams classical Cleopatra's cliffs clock clotheslines clouds Club coach coaches Coaster cobblestones cocktail collection college color colored colorful column columns comedy concert conch concourse confetti conservatory Constitutional constrictor control Copacabana Corinthian council counter County Court courts cowrie cradle crafts creatures creek crenelated crowd crowds 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landing landmarks landscape lantern large laundry lawn lawns Lawrie Le League Lee leisure letter Lexington Liberty library light lighting lights lily line linen liner lines lit literary lithograph Little Livingston Lloyd loading lobby lounge Low Lower luggage Macy's main Mall Manhattan mansard Manship mansion map maquette mass Mater Mayan McKenzie McKim Meade & White Meadows meets memorial menagerie merrymakers Met MetLife mezzanine Mid-Manhattan Mid-town midtown midway military mimetic Miranda-type model modern modernistic monument moody moon Morgan Morningside motes Mott municipal Museum Music musical mythological Napoleon Nassau National Nations Natural nave Needle neighborhood neo-Gothic neoclassic neoclassical neon Netherlands nets new new york New York City Niemeyer night nightclub Northwest nouveau NYSE NYU obelisk Observation ocean of old Olmsted omnibus One one-sheet onion open orange orchestra ornate outdoor outdoors overexposed overpass overview Oysters pads painting Palisades Pan-American paneling Paramount Paris park Parkway Partridge passengers pasture Patrick's patriotic patterns Paul's pavement pavilion peace pedestrians pediment pendentives pennant pennants people performance Perisphere personage perspective photograph photographs picket pier Pierre piers Place plan planetarium plants Plaza pole Pond pool port porthole portrait position poster potted prison produce production Promenade Prometheus Prospect public purple pyramid python Quadrangle Queens Queensboro queue R Radio rail railroad railway Rapp RCA reading recreation rectangles red redwood reflecting reflection reform Reinhard RELEASE:0001 relief rendering reptile Reserve residence restaurant resurrection retail Revival Revolutionary revue ride riders rides rink River riverfront Riverside road roads Robertson Rockefeller rocket Rockettes rocks Rogers Roller roof Room Roosevelt rope rose roundabout Row rowboat rowboats saddles sailboat sailboats sailing Sailors sanctuary sand 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