Decorative Arts

16th 18th 1900 1925 19th \abstract aboriginal abstract accent acorns adoration Africa African agave Ages Aires album altante alternative American amoeba amphora Ancient and angel angel caduceus vertical portrait patterns angels animals antique antiques antlers apple applique Arabesque Arabic arch archery arches architectural armor arms Arnold arrangement arrow arrows art artisan arts arugula Asia Asian assortment Assyria Assyrian atelier Athena atlante atlantid Austria ax babies baboons Babylon background badminton banana bark baroque bars bas basin basket Bauer beadwork beans bear-hunting bears bees beetles beige beiges Belgium Beligand Bernheimer berries bird birds birds dragons horses floral mazes vertical portrait black black and white blacks blades blossoms blown blue blue-gray blues blues browns symmetrical vertical portrait blues browns vertical portrait boards boars bodies bolls Bonvallet Book border borders borders circular standards Baroque vertical portrait borders saints Madonna religious vertical portrait borders vertical portrait bosses botanical botany bouquet bouquets Bouraine bourbon bow bowl bowling bowls boxing branch branches brassicacaea breakfront brick bright broccoli bromeliad bromeliads bronze brown browns bryonia buds Buenos bugs Bulgaria bull bundles bust busy butterflies butterfly buttons buzzard cabin cabinet cages calligraphy camel cameo camera can candlesticks birds vertical portrait canteen cap capital capitals Cardinali carnations carousel carpet carved carving carvings cat CAT:DA catalog catkins cats cattails cauliflower ceiling cells Celtic Celtic vertical portrait century ceramic ceramics cervid chair chalices cheery cherries cherry cherub cherubs chest chestnut chestnuts chickens china Chinese christian Christopher chrysanthemum chrysanthemums circle circles circular classical clay clematis clip clock clocks clouds club clubs coat coffered coins coleoptera color colorful colors column columns columns vertical portrait Greek Roman illustration complex Coote coral corner cornice costumes cotton Coumnae courtyard cows craft crafts craftsman cranes creamer creature creatures crenelations croquet cross cross-sections crown crucifer crucifix religious Celtic angel letters vertical portrait cubist cuirass culture cup cups curtains cuttlefish cutttlefish D'Arts daisies daisy dark date day-glo de dealer deco decor decoratifs decoration Decorative Decorative Arts deer delicate delicioso demonstration dendrochronology Denmark Derby design designs detail details device dish Divo dogs dolphins domestic door dore dragon dragonflies drawers drawing drum drums duck dynamic eagle eagles early East Easter eastern edelstein edgy efflorescence Egypt Egyptian elaborate elements elephant elm embroidery encrustations England ensemble epinette Escheresque escutcheon escutcheons escutcheons vertical portrait espalier et Etruria Etruscan ewers exhibition exotic exploding explorer exuberant face faces faces urns ornate borders vertical portrait faience fair fan fan umbrella slipper vertical portrait fans fantasy fauns favrile feather feathers ferret filigree fingerprints finishing fish flag fledglings fleur floor floral floral angel vertical portrait floral horse vertical portrait flowers flying foliage font foreign forma formal forms fountains foxes fractals frame frames France French fresco frescoes Fresneau frieze friezes fringe front fruit fruiting fruits fur furnishings furniture fuzzy game Garmisch Gaston gear geese gems geology geometric geometric religious saints vertical portrait geometrical Georg German Germany gingko Girard girls gladiator glass glasswork globe globules goddess vertical portrait gold gondolas googies Gothic Gothic arches atlantids horses wreathes vertical portrait gourd gourds grain grains Grand grape grapes graphics grasshopper grasshoppers gravure gray grays Greco-Roman Greece Greek Greek flutist deer borders vertical portrait green greens Greis grids griffins gryphons guanabana gueridon guilds gymnastics hallmark handle handles hands harpsichord hat hatching Hathor headdress headdresses heads helmet Hennequin heraldic heraldry herm herms herons hexagons Hilde Hindoo Hindu historic hive Holland homunculus honeycomb horizontal horse horseshoes houseflies hummingbird Hungary ibex illuminated illuminated letters vase vertical portrait illustration illustrations imaginary India Indian Indo-Persian inlaid insects insignia instrument instruments intense interior interweaving interwoven intricate intricate camels vertical portrait Ionic Iraq islanders Italy ivy Jacobs Jallot Jan Japanese Jesus jewelry Joel jungle Junior Karl Kells kitchen kittens knick-knacks knots kobold la lace ladies ladle lake lamp lamps lancet landscape landscape horizontal crafts color photograph landscape horizontal glass landscape horizontal illustration chariot snake wheat wings handmaidens offering Lang Laurins Lazlo Le leaf leaping leaves leggings Leipzig leisure lemon lettering letters lilac lilies lily linear vertical portrait linoleum lion lion head vertical portrait illustration lions lis lobster lobster-like locket locust logos lotus Louis Lyongrun macaw mace magpie maguey mamey man manuscript Maori maple Maria marsh Martel martin masks master matrix maze mazes medallions medallions. medieval mermen Mesopotamia metal Mexican micro-organisms Middle middle ages borders vertical portrait Milan milkmaid minerals miniatures Miro Miro-esque mirror modeldruck modern moderne monkey monkeys monstero Monza moor Moorish Morris-esque Morris-like mosaic mosaics mosque moth moths motif motifs muddy mules multi-colored Munich murky musical muted mythological Naples Museum classical mythology vertical portrait wine making scene native natural Navajo-like Near neo-classic neoclassic motifs vertical portrait neutral niche Ninevah North Norway nouveau nudes oak ocher of ogive Old olive on op opalescent orange oriental ornate oval owl owlets pacman pads Pagueys painted painting paintings paisleys palace Palais pale palm palms panels pansies Papal papyriform papyrus Paradiesapfel parfleche parrot parrots passionflower pastel pastels pattern patterns patters Paul paypriform peach peacock peacocks peacocks nudes centaurs birds wreaths vertical portrait peasants pectoral pediment pendants pendent peony perch Persian phials phoenix photograph Picasso-esque picture pilasters pillars pine pineapple ping-pong pink pinks pitcher pitchers plant planter planters plants plaques plate plated plates platter platters plumeria pod pods pole polygons Pompeii-like Pompeio pond pope saint vertical portrait porcelain portrait Portugal poster potlatch pots potter's pottery power primitive profile profiles psychedelic psychotic puissance puppies purple purples purplish pussy putti queen phoenix shields badges landscape horizontal racket rackets raisins random ranunculus realistic recreation red reddish reds reed regular Reich RELEASE:0001 relief reliefs religious motifs family vertical portrait strong colors renaissance Renaissance motifs humans vertical portrait Renaissance vertical portrait repeating repetitive repousse reticulated Revee Reveur Rhenig ribbon Richard rifle ripples rnold rock rocking rocks rodents Roman rondelles leaves vertical portrait symmetrical rood roosters Rott roundels rowboat royal rug rug floral vertical portrait rugs running russet Russia rustic saint borders religious vertical portrait salmon saltcellar Sammlung samples saucer saucers savage saw scabbard scene scenes schematic school sconce scorpions script sculpted sculptors sculpture sea seal seashells sepia serving Sevres shapes sheaves shelves shepherd shepherds shield sideboard Siena simple six ski snail snails snakes Sorokine soup Spain Spanish spear spears sphinxes spiky spring squares squid squirrels St. staff stag stained stand stands stars States statuary statuette statuettes store storks street string stripes Studio stylized subdued subtle sugar Sumerian Sumerian Ancient Near East vertical portrait tree of life illustration sunflowers suns swatches Sweden swimming swing swirling swirls swirly sword symbol symmetrical symmetry symnmetry Symphonie table tables stands carved finials vertical portrait fauns tamer tan tapestry tapis teal teapot temples tennis text textile themes thistle thistles Thompson's Throll Thurn tile tile borders classical vertical portrait tile vertical portrait tile vertical portrait borders tiles toadstools tomato tones topee totem tracery trails trained treatment tree trees trellis tri-cornered tri-part trim trolls tropical tureen tureens turkey twining twins two-part umbrella undersea underwater unicorns upholstery urn urns variety vase vases vertical vertical furniture decorative vertical portrait vertical portrait angel bird vertical portrait borders vertical portrait corbels vertical portrait elaborate vertical portrait illustration ceramics vase plates urn vertical portrait mantel tree vertical portrait Persian Arabic blues vertical portrait symmetrical vertical portrait tiles vessels vest vials vibrant Vienna vine vines vintage violet violin virginal volutes vulture wading Wagnerian wallpaper ware warm warrior warriors water watering waves weave weavings weeping wheat wheel wheels white wild William willow willows window windows winged wings woman woman's women wood woodcut woodwork work wreath wreaths writing XV yellow Zaunrube zigzags zoomorphic