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carriages cars cart cartoon carving Casino casinos castle CAT:FF Cathedral Catholic ceiling celebration center Centurions chairs chalet chambre Chamonix Champs chandelier chandeliers chaos chapel Chapelle Chapelle de St. Hospice chariot Charles Chateau Chatelet Cher Chevalier child children of Jerusalem Chinese Christian church circular Cite Citterio city classical cliffs climbing clock cloisters Close clouds clover coast coastline cobblestone cobblestones coffered coins colonnade color colorful columns Comite commander competition conception Concorde Continental Corinthian corner Cosson costume costumes Cote Cote d'Azure cottage coucher country couple Cour courage Court courtyard couture cove crab crenelated crenelations crockets croquets cross crossing crowd crowds crucifix crucifixion customs Czar d'Argent d'Armes d'Azur Dame dangerous de deco decorations depot des distillery dock docks documentaire dome domes domestic dormer dormers downtown draperies drawing dress dresses drum du Dubois Duchess Dury-les-Amiens eagle early Eiffel Elysees embarrassed Emperor engineering English engraving entrance ephemera equestrian equipment ermine Escalier estate et etching execution exterior facade factory fairytale fashion fashions feat ferries Ferris festival Fetes fidel finery Finistere fish fishing fishnet fishwives flag flags fleurs float floating floats flower flowers flying folk folly formal fortification fortress fountain fountains Foyatier frame France French fresco frieze fruit furniture Galeries gallery Gambetta gambling Garde garden gardens Gare gate Gatien Gave gazebo general geography globe Gloire Gloria gloves Gois Gothic Grand grande graveyard great greetings Grosse grotto grounds Grove hairdo Haitian hall Halle hameau hand-colored hand-tinted hand-tinted photograph hand-tinted photograph happy harbor hat hats haute Hautes Havre headdress headress healing Helvetiorum high High Gothic historic historical history Honneur honor honors horizontal horizotal Horloge horse horse-drawn horses hospital Hotel house houses hygiene I III Ile illustration immaculate industry interior Invalides iron island Isolette it Jesus jetee Jetty Palace Joan Josephine jouets junked Justice killed King kings Kiosque l'Aude la ladders lake Laloux lamp landcape landmark landscape lanterns laurel Le Le Pestre leader left Lices Little logia Loire loom looms lord's low loyalty Lucerne lyrics machicolations machine Madeleine Madonna maguey Maintenon maison Malmaison mansard mansion Marchand marche maree Marianne Marie marina Maritime market Marlborough Marne Marseilles Martin Martino martyrdom Martyrs Mary mauve Mediterranean memorial Mercantis messenger milk mills miracle miraculous mirror mixing moat Mobiles Monaco money Mont Monte monument monumental moon Moorish moulin Moulins mountain mountains municipal murals Musee Carnavalet museum music Musique myth Napoleon national native neoclassic Neptune Nice Nicolas night Nive Normandy northeast notes Notre nouveau observers Occitan of off officials old Old Town onion Opale open orb Orleans ornate Orne Orthodox our outdoor overpass overview painting paintings palace Palais palm parade Paris park parlor parquet paths Patrie Paul pavilion peasant pedestrians pelican perfume perfumery period Petit photo photograph photographs Pic d'Aurelle pier pigeons pillow pitcher Place Plaza PLM plus-fours Poilu poissonnerie poissons pond Pont pool pools Port Porte portrait post poster pram prams principal produce promenade Promenade des Anglais propaganda pumpkin Pyrenees Quai Queen radiator railroad railway ramparts Rayonnant rebellion reception red reflecting regional Reims reine RELEASE:0001 relief religion religious resort restaurant revolt revolution revolutionary Rhone ribbons river Riviera road robes Robinson Rock rococo Romagne Roman Romanesque roof room rose roses roue Rouen roulette round rowboats Rue ruins rustic saber sacre sailboats Saint sarcophagus Sarthe scend scene scepter sculpture Sea seawall Seine Seine-Maritime seller semitropical sentinel sepia sepia illustration sepia photograph sheep shepherd shepherdess shield ship ships shoes shooting shore shower shrine shutters side Siege site skeet slate slave sleigh soldier soldiers song Sources south spa spectators spring spyglass square St. staff stage staircase stairway stake stamp stamps state stations stations of the cross statuary statue statues steep steeplechase steeples stepped stills street streetcar streetcars subtropical sunbather swallows swifts Swiss table teeing tent tent-like tents Terasses terrace Terrases text the theater theatre Theoule thermal throne tide tides tiles tin tir To topiary tour Tournelle Tower towers town toy tracery tracks trade traditional train tram tree tree-lined trees Trianon tricolor Triomphe tritons trolley trolleys Tsar tub turret turrets tympana umbrella underwear uniform uniforms Upper urn urns valves vase vats Vaucluse vault vaulting Vendee venue Versailles vertical vestibule viaduct Victoire Vielle-Ville Vierge de la Tour VII village Ville Vincent vine-covered vintage Virgin virtuti Visigoths visitation Vive voiture wagon walkway walls War waterfront waters waves weaponry wear weaver wharf wheat wheel white window windows woman women workers workshop World World War I wreath writing wrought Y'ser yachts