"The Flower of Kansas" 1900 1900s 1910s 1920s 1930s 1950s 8th Abilene agriculture airfield airplane airplanes and apples arbor architecture archway Arkansas army athletic attire Avenue band banner base beacon benches bird's black brick bridge bronco brownies brunette bucking bucolic buggy building buildings bunting business campus canoes Capitol cartoon CAT:KS cattle cavalry center civic clock college color convicts corrals covered cow cows creek cresting crossroads depot derelict derricks district Douglas downtown drawing drawings early east equipment eye face facility Fairfax farm farmer federal field Fifth flag flower flowers football formation Fort Fraser frontier gala gardens gateway geographical geological girl government grain grounds gymnasium Hall hand-tinted hangar harvester haystacks highway highways historic historical horizontal horse horses house illustratin illustration industrial industry installation ivy-covered jail Kansas Kansas State Seal KSC landscape large letter library linen machine main Manhattan map Market masonic Massachusetts meadowlark meets mess military mirror Missouri mouse municipal museum natural north office oil overview painting pasture path penitentiary pens petrochemical photograph photographs pig pigs pond pool portrait post presidential prison prisoners public railroad railway rainbow ranching recreation regimentation RELEASE:0001 residence resources Revival Riley River riverboats road roads roadside rodeo Romanesque ruin Salina school seal shell skyline smiling sod south span sports stadium State station steamboat stone street streetcar streetcars sunflower sunflowers swimming tambourine tarmac terminal text thresher threshing to tollbooths tower town tracks tractor train trestle trolley trolleys uniform vertical Victorian view vintage wagon wagons wardens watermelon well west wheat white winter Winthrop woman woman's young